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  • Carrian writes... I no how u feel..I mean it seems like we fall for the guys who are dare I say it but wrong..but anyways what im saying is ur not worrying too much think he'll be different to u? How? I mean it seems in his eyes ur just another girl to make out wit and maybe get all the way..and if u feel his cheating on u..he probaly sorry but im not going 2 sugar coat it for u..people tried that wit me and lets just say it wasnt good..
  • moondancer writes... See the thing is, we havent even kissed yet. I'm very secretive, and shy. So I guess he's respecting that? Usually, by now, he would have kissed, but he hasn't. And he's treating me completely different then anyone else he went out with. And I guess you can say I'm profoundly confused, because the way he looks at me says he likes me, but sometimes he acts weird. I don't know what to do.