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  • Lidiane writes... I wish I could get that for my laptop so I could work from the livnig room while Jay Bear plays, but it would be a gamble, since my computer is likely very picky about what it will work with, and our tech guys won't support it. Here's hoping for an office/playroom adjacent to the livnig room by the end of January!!! [url=]ehlfgsebajw[/url] [link=]ictkndh[/link]
  • Ema writes... Mar14Rina I just got my own pldt mydsl wifi modem here in Roxas city a few days ago, but I was very disappointed with the slow speed when using the wifi, it doesn't work<a href=""> ppelorry</a> with skype. I coudn't use this program when I'm in my room (which is just about 25 feet away from the landline and modem).The signal I get is not very good so now, I'll have to buy an extension cord instead so I can just connect the modem to my laptop. The wifi feature is pretty much useless, it didn't live up to my expectation
  • Rachel writes... Lyle / That's strange. My iPod touch cotnnces just fine. Anyway, here are some ideas:1. Check if you typed the WEP password correctly.If you didn't change the default password on the modem-router, then make sure to type the password in ALL CAPS. 2. Reset the saved WiFi connection on your iPod touch.You can do this by going to Settings > WiFi > PLDT MyDSL, tap on the blue circle near the wifi symbol, tap Forget this Network then try connecting again.3. Reset the network settings on your iPod touchGo to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings then try connecting again.4. Make sure your iPod touch is running on the latest firmware from Apple (v4.3.2 for the latest iPod touch) [url=]twkmrukaph[/url] [link=]hhqxvbitr[/link]
  • Shana writes... dyankmeylJuly 24, 2010 My brother is on PLDT myDSL since mid-June.For two weeks they had stop-and-go <a href="">ineetnrt</a> connection.After that, the router cant even connect to their server.This has been going on for the past 3 weeks.Their tech support agents (online & onsite) keeps insisting that my brother's pc is the problem which is barely 2 months old.I run diagnostics and resulted to cant find DNS blah blah which is a problem on PLDT's server.I connected my windows 7 laptop and another desktop with WinXP but still no luck.I couldnt find the logic of blaming a pc(3 to be exact) for no connection.Still PLDT continues on the billing despite the problem.And when you decide to opt out of the plan, then there's the early termination fee WTF!
  • Cheryl writes... I really don't think he relaeved anything about "their" sexual life. He made a comment that most men make on numerous occassions and then went along with the "bit". Now if he would have went on to describe an initimate moment shared specifically by the two of them, then yeah he better come home with some extra jewelry.