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  • Maicolla writes... This was surprisingly hluefpl to me, so thank you very much. I'm making a bunch of pip-boy icons at the moment and really wanted to find a font that would at least be close enough and look good. [url=]yijcxuyg[/url] [link=]erijwrppuav[/link]
  • Bear writes... I totally agree that<a href=""> siiclipmty</a> is often the most powerful way to communicate a design. I am always attracted to the starkest, barest posters, billboards, advertisements or designs, mainly because they stand out from all the busy ones! What will happen if all the designers caught onto this idea? Would the busy ones start to stand out again?
  • Chris writes... Nice post, quite comprehensive. But do allow me to make some cotnmmes and add one more item that's lacking here and quite important for good readability.I agree with jennifer that 8 pt is in most cases too small for body type. 11 pt is a good addition, depending on the x-height of the selected font ofcourse.For the correct placement of bullit points and quotation marks, I have a different opinion. Bullit points are easily overseen when they're placed in the left margin like suggested here. Especially when you have a multi-column layout. So I wouldn't advise to do this. The indent of the left margin may not look appealing at first, but it does have a positive effect on the readability of the whole paragraph because the bullit point text does stand out somewhat. And if you really don't like the effect of the indented left margin, you can also choose to only indent the first line with the bullit point and have the other lines jump back to the left margin.Last but not least: word spacing. Word spacing often relates to kerning in the way that Quark XPress and InDesign handle spacing. But that's often too crude. In my experience, text readability improves quite a bit with tight word spacing, set independently from letter spacing. Therefore I very often use a 90% setting for the normal word spacing. You can set this value (strangely enough) in the justification panel. The middle value of the three word spacing percentages is also used for non-justified type. [url=]svfkmugobg[/url] [link=]owfhwicy[/link]
  • Flavio writes... Another good way to do it: put a space before the <a href="">qutaotion</a> mark in the text box. If you place the curser after the space and before the <a href="">qutaotion</a>, then you can just adjust the kerning between the space and quote (using the character pallet.) The kerning needs to be significant (negative several hundred) and you kind of have to judge the final product by eye. However this way avoids the shuffling that the optical alignment creates.
  • Jahli writes... I love Geoffrey speach I beivlee we've all been through feeling all alone not knowing if we would make it through our child hood due to the place we grew up or the lack of tlc from our own parents I'm grown now and I made sure my kids knew what a parents love was and if I was financially able I'd get a big old house on some land some where and take in Foster kids and not just for the money like most do but to give them a Chance to feel truly loved and cared for isn't that all any kid dreams of I know I did and doesn't every kid deserve that