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  • Lee writes... Well, why the fuck did you get drunk? That was fucking stupid.
  • Laetificat writes... I agree, that was stupid, especially for your age. At that age, any guy is going to try and take advantage of any girl who isn't in her right mind. Guys are horny, and when they get drunk, they don't care what they are doing.
  • IFeelYou writes... It's okay that you got drunk, people who are 13 and older do it all the time. You're a kid and you're going to make mistakes. Don't beat yourself up about it. I've had some fucked up things happen to me involving guys and the best thing is just to realize that it doesnt matter what anyone says because you know the full story and just be open about it if someone asks because it makes you seem like the better and stronger person. Best of luck to you.<3